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- Use the La Di Darts (this website) at your own risk. La Di Darts (also referred to as we / us) is not responsible for any loss, damage, mistakes or omissions that may occur from your use of this website.

- Other website links may appear on this website, however we do not endorse any content on the linked sites, which are not operated or controlled by us.

- Although reasonable care is taken to ensure that this website is free from viruses, we do not accept responsibility for any viruses which may affect any material you download.

- Price and availability information is subject to change without notice. Information on this website must be read in conjunction with promotional materials made available at the La Di Darts venues and in the event of inconsistency, the information set out in any promotional materials made available to you at our venues will prevail.

- Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, cash or Electronic Funds Transfer. We also accept American Express – a 1.6% surcharge will be applied to all payments made by means of American Express. If you have not paid for your booking in full at the time of booking, you will need to pay in full on arrival before you commence the recreational activity you have booked.


The copyright and intellectual property rights in all the contents and material on this website belong to Funlab Pty Ltd.

You may not:

- Copy these pages.

- Store any part of this website or copy any part of this website and store them on other websites without our prior consent.

- Use any part of this website in other corporate or commercial documents without our prior consent.

- Reproduce in any way any part of this website without our prior consent.

- Use the website in any way which it was not intended to be used by La Di Darts.

- Print or copy any components of the website for commercial use.

You may:

- You may print or copy any components of the website for personal use only.

- You may print or copy any components of the website for third parties provided this is for their personal use only and not for commercial gain.

- Link to the home page of this website with the prior consent of La Di Darts.


- La Di Darts invites anyone with suggestions on how to improve our website to email suggestions to us via our contact us form.

- Alternatively, if you have any problems accessing the website, please send an email to [email protected]

House Rules

By visiting any of our venues as a guest, you agree to our House Rules and the additional policies that apply. Click here to view our House Rules.

    Promotional Offers

    Promotional nights are not available on public holidays or the eve of any public holiday, or in conjunction with any other offer.

    Our online booking system is currently unable to make reservations for some promotions. However, to take advantage of our offers, head on down to the venue anyway as we always keep a few spaces free!

    All of our promotions are subject to the following terms and conditions:

    - Fair play: any promotion which includes unlimited play is subject to our “fair play” policy which aims to give all customers a fair go at the activities on offer - see below for more details. We may ask you to move on to another activity for this purpose.

    - Manager’s discretion: the manager on duty reserves the right to allocate you to particular activities if reasonably necessary for any reason whatsoever.

    - End of play: Once you leave our venue, the promotion automatically comes to an end and you will no longer have access to any of the activities purchased as part of the promotion, even if the play period allocated to those activities has not expired.

    Specific information about each promotion can be found on material at our venue or as advised by our venue staff. Please clarify with our staff prior to purchase to ensure that you properly understand the terms of our promotional offers.

    Fair Play Policy

    A fair play policy applies to any promotion where an Unlimited Play component is offered. This ensures all our guests get a fair attempt at the various activities, and some people may be asked to move on to play another activity to ensure fairness. Further details about each offer can be found on promotional material in venue and from venue staff. Available for walk-in customers only.

    The manager on duty reserves the right to allocate patrons to activities. All activities are not necessarily included in every promotion - please clarify with staff at time of purchase. Unlimited Play promotions are only valid on the day of purchase. All offers are subject to varying finish times - please clarify with staff at time of purchase.

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