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La Di Darts House Rules

Important Information

Due to liquor licencing requirements, after 5pm all guests entering our venues must be over the age of 18 and have a valid form of physical ID on their person. If you appear to be under the age of 25, we may require you to produce identification to prove you are over the age of 18.


We welcome minors and under 18's in our venues before a certain time, this varies per venue so please see below: Please note that outside these times, we do not allow minors in the venue.


At our Darlinghurst venue, under 18's are permitted in the venue before 5pm Monday - Sunday only if they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Please not that each minor must have their own parent or guardian present. One responsible adult cannot accompany a group of minors.


Please note, if you wish to purchase alcohol or be in a licensed area of our venues you will need to have a valid form of ID. You will also need a valid ID to enter or be in our venues after certain time, check your venue here. If you are acting as a responsible adult you will also need to have your ID on you. We operate a “think 18” policy. If you appear to be under the age of 25, we may require you to produce identification to prove you are over the age of 18.

NSW - Valid Forms of Identification

We accept driver or rider licences and permits issued within Australia or any foreign country, NSW & SA Digital IDs, Australian and International passports, NSW photo cards, International Drivers licence with Photo and birth date, proof of age cards and Keypass identity cards. Foreign types of ID need to be scannable documents for our Darlinghurst venue due to Kings Cross Liquor Licensing restrictions and patron scanners in place.

General Entertainment

- We recommend that you arrive at least 5-15 minutes prior to your reservation to check in at reception.

- Inappropriate behaviour, disorderly conduct, aggression, discrimination, intoxication, or other disruptive behaviour, may result in refusal of service, refusal of entry or being ejected from the venue.

- When in the venue, all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Children under the age of 13 are only allowed in the venue, with a responsible adult. Curfews apply and liquor laws for minors come into play.

- Children can complete all activities in our venues at the discretion of their responsible Parent or Guardian. However, a parent or guardian could be required to accompany, supervise or assist with play.

- Guests need to comply with relevant state laws & guidelines for the consumption of alcoholic beverages. - No external food or drink is allowed in the venue.

- Guests need to follow the direction of the staff in the venue. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave.

- If you are running late to a booking, we cannot guarantee you will be able to finish your booked activity and may have it finished early, or rescheduled.

- No refunds will be given for a change of mind. This includes partial or full refunds.

- To change a booking, you can do so by calling our concierge team at least 24 hours prior to the booking, and is subject to availability and price. Guests may incur additional costs depending on the revised day/time/venue of the booking and be required to pay any difference on arrival.

- All bookings require a credit card / cash deposit be left at reception before the session starts.

- Any damage to La Di Darts property will result in you paying the repair and/or replacement fee.

- We do not accept any responsibility for any personal property that is brought to a La Di Darts venue.

Activity Rules

Remember these rules while letting your hair down:


- A credit card MUST be provided and held for the duration the Oche is held to cover incidentals (darts, props, equipment). The term Oche (pronounced Or-ki) is defined as the line behind which darts players stand when throwing.

- One player throwing at a time, and one dart at a time.

- Darts are to be thrown at the dart board only, please be mindful of the sharp end of darts.

- Collect your own darts once finished your turn and hand over to the next player.

- No persons, beverages or items past the foul line

- Do not throw the darts too hard at the board, it will bounce back.

Responsible Adult

A responsible adult is defined as a person who is over the age of 25 years and is:

- A parent, step-parent or guardian of the minor

- The minor’s spouse or de facto partner

- An adult who has 'parental rights, duties and responsibilities' in relation to the minor for the time being, standing in as the parent of the minor e.g. Grandparents, aunt/uncle, or person in charge of an organised sporting group or school group.

They must also have a valid ID on their person for the duration of the visit.

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