La Di Darts

Augmented Darts

What is La Di Darts?

La Di Darts looks like it’s straight from the roaring 20s, but our augmented darts? They are pure 21st century. 

Our venue is made up of multiple dart oches (rhymes with 'hockey'), with specially designed dart boards with projected images to create an interactive game.

Decked out in 1920s flare and style, each oche comes with it's own private seating area that can fit up to 6 players. It's a bit swish, and a lot of fun!

How much does it cost?

Monday - Wednesday
- 60mins Per Person: $17.00
- 90mins Per Person: $25.00

Thursday - Saturday
- 60mins Per Person: $20.00
- 90mins Per Person: $27.00


Use Code: YOUKNOW when booking online to get $12 Augmented Darts Mon - Thurs, after 5pm. 

Terms & Conditions apply

Shake your Tail Feather!

Throw a party at La Di Darts that even Great Gatsby would be envious of.

We've got packages to suit groups of all sizes, with food and drink offerings to replenish even the pickiest of tastes.

From pre build & customisable packages, to building your own personalised party package, we've got it all! So level up your party game, shake your tailfeather and embrace La Di Darts' atmosphere! 

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